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Chilli Peppers Camo Jacket

Chilli Peppers Camo Jacket

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When working on ideas for camouflage pieces I am always interested in the juxtaposition of two contrasting objects, images, or ideas, so that the difference between them are emphasized. In this case, I chose this 80's style Sicilian baroque motive reclaimed from a dress to create a beautiful contrast against the camo. I then added the Chilli Peppers Patch to make it more Rock n' Roll! The electric blue embroidery thread is the element that holds the ideas together.

It was hand-embroidered by Luz Marina Osorio during 43 hours of craftwomanship in Medellin, Colombia.

Each one of my pieces is one-of-a-kind, designed by repurposing materials and supporting craftwomanship. You can find more about my story here

2 side waist button adjusters for ideal fit

4 front flap pockets

Frayed hem and sleeves

Dry clean only


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