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Octopussy Unisex Military Jumpsuit

Octopussy Unisex Military Jumpsuit

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This reclaimed unisex jumpsuit was a crazy dream to design. I collaged and contrasted flowers cut from a 70’s tablecloth gifted by a friend with an incredible octopus print cut from a pre-loved skirt. For balance I added the purple pockets and The Cure patch I got in a London Market. The aqua embroidery threat is a great contrast and pulls all the elements together.

It was hand-embroidered by Luz Marina Araque during 64 hours of craftwomanship in Medellin, Colombia.

All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, designed by repurposing materials and supporting craftwomanship.

Size 42

Dry Clean Only

65% Poly - 35% Cotton

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