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Sex Pistols Maxi Denim Vest/Dress


This is the Sex Pistols Long Denim Vest! A dear customer and friend gave it to me to repurpose. I immediately knew that these silk flowers reclaimed from a blouse were perfect for it. I then decided on the stripes and the patch to contrast the romantic with a bit of rock n' roll. The white embroidery thread makes it look crisp and the inside seams are hand-embroidered in yellow.

It was hand-embroidered by Luz Marina Osorio during 55 hours of craftwomanship in Medellin, Colombia.

Size S

All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, designed by repurposing materials and supporting craftwomanship. Find out more about my story here

Claudia 😁

Dry clean only


Sex Pistols Maxi Denim Vest/Dress